The Third Way of Love Thai Movie DVD -English Subtitles (NTSC)

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The Third Way of Love

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Thai and Chinese

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 03-01-2017

Runtime: 113 Mins, Discs : 1

Director : John H. Lee

Actor : Liu Crystal, Song Seung Heon, Meng Jia, Chiang Jessie

Synopsis: THE THIRD WAY OF LOVE This drama love story originated from When a man handed tissues to a crying girl beside him, one day, a beautiful lawyer Zhou Yu came to his sister's company. In order to quit her job because her sister Xiaoyue fell in love with Lin Qizheng, a handsome executive and heir to a wealthy family. Xiaoyue fell in love with him very much. Plus it's an unrequited one-sided love. causing her to try to kill herself, but in the end, fate was like a joke for Zhou Yu to fall in love with Lin. Shi Zheng instead of himself, ever since they met. And the two came to work together, where Zhou Yu had to work as a legal counsel for Lin Qi Zheng. Xiaoyue, the younger sister, came to know the love story of her sister and the man she loved. She felt betrayed and killed herself, and that was the beginning of this love tragedy.

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