The Adventures Of Jinbao - Thai Movie DVD (NTSC - Region 3)

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Adventures Of Jinbao, The

Format: NTSC - Region 3

Audio Option: Thai

Subtitle Option: - None

Genre: Animation

Release Date: 07-26-2013

Runtime: 77 Mins , Discs : 1

Director : Kwok-Shing Lo

Actor : Rob Schneider, Tom Kenny, Haylie Duff

Synopsis: In Imperial China, a peace-loving soldier named Jinbao has heard about Merryland from his grandfather who gave him a necklace he got. His Captain states that the world won't be at peace. During an attack on their camp, Jinbao runs off the cliff and finds himself in Merryland in the form of the giant panda. When falling out the sky, he is saved by Flying Pig. Jinbao learns about Merryland and how it is ruled by an evil master and his Phantom Army as well as the prophecy of the Panda Warrior. While traveling through the forest, they are attacked by a giant spider. Then they spar with Mantis who becomes their ally. Arriving at a village of onion creatures, they find it attacked by the Phantom Army which is led by a pyrokinetic tree spirit named Charcoal. With help from Flying Pig claiming that Charcoal insulted his grandfather, Jinbao subdues Charcoal in the nearby water. A Ginseng Spirit arrives and plays the Song of Peace to purify it. Jinbao learns from the Ginseng Spirit that he must rest in order to have the energy to do the Song of Peace. Now purified, Charcoal joins up with Jinbao.

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