Ms Cupid in Love Mandarin Drama TV Series with English and Chinese Subtitles DVD (NTSC)

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Ms Cupid in Love

Mandarin Drama DVD

Format: NTSC

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Audio Option: Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English and Chinese

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 07-06-2022

Runtime: 1080 Mins, Discs : 4, Episodes : 24

Director : Cheng Feng

Actor : Cao Yu Chen, Tian Xi Wei, Xiao Yu Liang

Synopsis: Yanguang Shen Bai Yan accidentally destroys the marriage line in the god world, causing chaos in the human marriage world. Everyone is proud of being single and no longer gets married. As a result, Shang Guan Ya, the little matchmaker who makes a living setting people up, is on the verge of bankruptcy. By accident, Bai Yan, the god of Yanguang, becomes the “fiance” of Shang Guan Ya. The two go from being friends who are incompatible with each other to a human couple who understand each other and stay together. They are both business partners and sweet lovers, and finally start a funny story of immortal love.

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