NEW MAD MONK Chinese Drama DVD Complete TV Series

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Chinese Drama DVD
Complete TV Series with English Subtitles

* Subtitles: Chinese
* Language Option 1: Chinese
* Language Option 2: Mandarin
* Release Year: 2014
* Run Time: 1485 Mins
* No. of Episodes: 33

* Director: Lam Chi Chun
* Actor: Kelvin Lu, Benny Chan

* Synopsis: Jigong, who was reincarnated in Luolong and Luohan, came to the mortal world for the purpose of saving the world based on the decree of the Buddha. Occasionally encountered a pair of sisters, sister Qiu Manfeng and sister Qiu Ningyu fell in love with the same man Zhao Jianwen, since the two sisters buried their knots, Ji Gong uses wisdom to eventually resolve the sisters' two knots, let them know the feelings of sisters valuable. In addition, Jigong also encountered Tu Qidou, an overbearing chef. Because he was devoted to studying cooking skills many years ago and neglected his family, in a fire, the daughter was buried in the fire cave but failed to see her daughter's last side. Tudou blamed herself. , Since then, live a life of self-reliance. Jigong found Qiu Ningyu to go to the kitchen chef, and under the guidance of Jigong, he finally let the kitchen chef regain his kitchen knife and climbed out of his life. Finally, although Jigong found Qiu Ningyu's news for her mother, her mother had already passed away. After many good deeds, Ji Gong finally completed his merits and returned to heaven.