DREAM OF RED MANSIONS Chinese Drama DVD Complete TV Series

DREAM OF RED MANSIONS Chinese Drama DVD Complete TV Series

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Chinese Drama TV Series Complete Set with English Subtitles

* Subtitles: Chinese
* Language Option 1: Chinese
* Language Option 2: Mandarin
* Release Year: 2010
* Run Time: 2000 Mins
* No. of Episodes: 50
* No. of Discs: 10

* Director: Li Shaohong
* Actor: Yang Yang, Bai Bing

* Synopsis: The towering imperial city, the east of Ziqi. The four major families of Jia Shiwang Xue enjoyed the wealth of the sky, but did not know that the rich and the wealth would run out. The house was indulged in paper drunken gold fans and did not want to wake up. In Rongguo, the jade-born brother Jia Baoyu (Yang Yang) and the good sisters grew up carefree, chanting poems, cooking meat with guessing riddles, and carrying some sentimental sad words. He and his sister Lin Daiyu (Jiang Mengjie) had no guesses about each other and belonged to each other. However, after several trials, they misunderstood them again and again. The Grand View Garden with flowers and dances leveling up can not lock the loneliness in the heart, can't protect the tenderness of Fang Qin, where children can find their love, sorrow and death, and the beauty of the family is destroyed by the storm. Do everything to the forest, the white ground is really clean