Mon Mon Mon Monsters Chinese Film DVD

Mon Mon Mon Monsters Chinese Film DVD

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Mon Mon Mon Monsters
Chinese Film DVD

* Subtitles: Chinese/ English
* Language Option 1: Chinese
* Language Option 2: Mandarin
* Release Year: 2019
* Run Time: 115 Mins
* No. of Discs: 1

* Director: Giddens Ko
* Actor: Eugenie Liu, Kent Tsai, Yu-Kai Teng

 Shu-wei Lin – a gifted student that enjoys being a tattletale – has long been bullied by all of his classmates; the notorious trio of the class makes fun of him on a daily basis. By chance, the class teacher assigns the four of them to community service. The boys sure have every intention to make the most fun out of their duty. One night, the four of them decide to steal a safe from a demented elderly loner and unexpectedly capture a cannibalistic humanoid during their heist. The four employ a variety of odd methods to investigate the little creature after school at their secret base in hopes of understanding it.Despite Lin’s disapproval of the trio’s attempt of studying the creature, the creature has allowed him to bond with the trio and grant him a sense of acceptance. Meanwhile, the little creature’s monster companion has been frantically searching for it since being separated. As the monster approaches, their minds become twisted and their friendship is eventually put to the test as they confront the monster.In the end, it doesn’t matter who’s the bully or who’s bullied: everyone turns into a monster that can’t go back.