Time Raiders Chinese Movie - Film DVD (NTSC - All Region)

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Time Raiders

Format: NTSC - All Region

Audio Option: Chinese

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Action

Release Date: 07-08-1905

Runtime: 123 Mins, Discs : 1

Director : Daniel Lee

Actor : Jing Boran, Lu Han, Ma Si Chun

Synopsis: Wu Xie (Luhan) who is an antique shop owner with a family history of tomb raiders. While he delves into his family trade he finds lost treasures of the Warring States as well as the answers to the tragedies of his family’s past. With the help of his grandfather Zhang Qiling‘s (Jing Boran) notes and his team, Wu Xie sets out to find the lost treasures as well as the people responsible for the extermination of his family.


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