Dearest  Chinese Film DVD

Dearest Chinese Film DVD

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Chinese Film DVD


* Subtitles: Chinese/ English

* Language Option 1: Chinese

* Language Option 2: Mandarin

* Release Year: 2016

* Run Time: 127 Mins

* No. of Discs: 1


* Director: Peter Ho-Sun Chan

* Actor: Wei Zhao, Bo Huang, Dawei Tong

* Synopsis: Following years of unrelenting search, Tian Wenjun (Huang Bo) and ex-wife Lu Xiaojuan (Hao Lei) finally locate their abducted son in a remote village. After the boy was violently taken away from the village, the abductor’s widow Li Hongqin (Zhao Wei) — the boy’s foster mother — also loses her foster daughter to a state-owned orphanage in Shenzhen. Heartbroken, Li goes on a lone but determined journey to get her daughter back.