A Fantastic Ghost Wedding Chinese DVD - Movie (NTSC)

A Fantastic Ghost Wedding Chinese DVD - Movie (NTSC)

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A Fantastic Ghost Wedding

Format: NTSC (All Regions)

Audio Option: Chinese and Cantonese/ Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English and Chinese

Genre: Comedy/ Drama

Release Date: 42046

Runtime: 97 Mins

Director : Meng Ong

Actor : Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Mark Lee, Sui-man Chim

Synopsis: Neurotic ex-singer Mrs. Wu hires 11-year-old spirit medium, Boy, and his single father, Master Wong, as highly recommended but highly unusual matchmakers, tasked to find a wife for her dead teenage son, Peng. Using an old Chinese matchmaking ritual, the three of them embark on the search for a perfect bride. However, the situation becomes challenging when they move from place to place and yet, the right bride cannot be found. Apparently Peng had died a mysterious death and he could be un-rested.

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