Kung Fu Jungle Chinese Movie - Film DVD (PAL)

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Kung Fu Jungle

Format: PAL

Audio Option: Chinese

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Action

Release Date: 07-06-1905

Runtime: 97 Mins, Discs : 1

Director : Teddy Chen

Actor : Donnie Yen, Wang Baoqiang, Charlie Young

Synopsis: A vicious killer Fung (Wang Baoqiang) is going round Hong Kong killing top martial arts exponents, leaving a secret weapon called the Eaves Swallow as his calling card. When convicted killer and kung fu expert, Hahou (Donnie Yen) hears of this, he offers to help the police catch the killer, in return for his freedom. With Hahou’s help, the police realize from the chronological order of the victims that the killer is targeting his victims, all the top maters in their martial arts style, following a martial code of training. However, they suspect that the two are accomplices and Fung wast he bait to help spring Hahou from jail

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