Beijing Love Story Chinese DVD - Movie (NTSC)

Beijing Love Story Chinese DVD - Movie (NTSC)

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Beijing Love Story

Format: NTSC (All Regions)

Audio Option: Chinese and Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English and Chinese

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Release Date: 41970

Runtime: 122 Mins

Director : Sicheng Chen

Actor : Sicheng Chen, Liya Tong, Tony Ka Fai Leung

Synopsis: Five couples are brought together by an accident. Their relationships can form one complete lifestory: Impoverished Chen loves Shen. He proposes marriage. Shen’s wealthy former lover woos her anew. In the end, love wins out as Chen and Shen marry.Wu and Zhang seem to live a placid life but Zhang has been tolerating her cheating husband for years. When she finds photographic evidence of his affair, she learns to face her shattered marriage with courage.Middle-aged merchant Liu and his wife try to salvage their passionless marriage with a “tryst”. It almost fails but a phone call from their daughter reminds them of their love.Teenager Liu is upset because her parents refuse to pay the entrance fee for a cello competition. Song, who has a crush on her, works to earn the entrance fee. When he is ready to surprise her, he discovers her parents had already paid, provided that she study abroad immediately afterward.Elderly woman Gao arranges a date for elderly man Wang. She hooks him up with Xie. Romance seems inevitable until Xie realizes Gao and Wang are married! Xie leaves without knowing the deception is a painful act of love.

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