Filial Party Chinese DVD - Movie (NTSC)

Filial Party Chinese DVD - Movie (NTSC)

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Filial Party

Format: NTSC (All Regions)

Audio Option: Chinese and Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English and Chinese

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 41767

Runtime: 109 Mins

Director : Boris Boo

Actor : Christopher Ming-Shun Lee, Ann Kok, Mark Lee

Synopsis: Reality TV show “Filial Party” has taken Singapore by storm with its $1-million prize money for the winner who portrays exceptional filial piety. This highest-rated show in TV history is the brainchild of producer, Millionaire Liu, whose winning way is the use of reward-based citizen paparazzi. Materials and footages taken by the mass public are used to judge the extent of the participants’ filial piety, and culminate in the voting and selection of the final winner of the million-dollar prize. Millionnaire Liu will stop at nothing for record-breaking viewership ratings and sponsorships for the show.

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