Childhood In a Capsule Mandarin TV Series - Drama DVD (NTSC - All Region)

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Childhood In a Capsule

Format: NTSC - All Region

Audio Option: Mandarin and Cantonese

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 08-02-2022

Runtime: 860 Mins, Discs : 4, Episodes : 20

Director : Zan Wu

Actor : Samantha Ko, Owen Cheung, Ruco Chan

Synopsis: Lui Zi Tung, a domineering, capable, successful woman founded a cosmetics company. However, Ding Yau Ching a make-up influencer gave Zi Tung's brand a terrible review. In an entanglement between the two, Zi Tung encounters an accident and loses all of her memories, except those from childhood. Her mind regressed back to a primary school student. Yau Chin was then coerced into helping her to recover her memory and other issues she faced.

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