Used Good Mandarin TV Series - Drama DVD (NTSC)

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Used Good

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Mandarin and Cantonese

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 01-15-2022

Runtime: 900 Mins, Discs : 4, Episodes : 20

Director : Leung Yiu Kin

Actor : Matthew Ho, Hera Chan, James Ng

Synopsis: Rewind to Wai Tak-shun’s (Matthew Ho) childhood days and Tak-shun is devastated due to his father Wai King-yan’s (Eric Cheng) death. He then has mood swings and loses interest in everything. He even completely forgets about his father. For Tak-shun’s sake, his mother Tse Mei-sheung (Eyvonne Lam) and uncle Tse Tim-sing (Raymond Cho) never mention King-yan’s death.

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