Lo and Behold 2021 (ep 1298-1322) Mandarin TV Series - Drama DVD (NTSC - All Region)

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Lo and Behold 2021 (ep 1298-1322)

Format: NTSC - All Region

Audio Option: Mandarin and Cantonese

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 12-01-2021

Runtime: 528 Mins, Discs : 5, Episodes : 24

Director : Lam Kin Cheung

Actor : Lau Dan, Angela Tong, Koni Lui

Synopsis: Hung Shu Kan (Lau Dan) the owner of a transport company. Kan’s younger brother Hung Shu Yan (Pal Sinn), is a photographer who comes to live with Kan. Other members of the Hung family: eldest daughter Hung Sheung Sin (Joyce Tang) who is away in the United States but later returns home; assistant manager of marketing and second daughter, Mary Hung Yeuk Shui (Koni Lui); University student and youngest daughter, Hung Shum Yu (Andrea So); and University student and son of the eldest daughter, Kam Shing On (Kalok Chow). Early episodes focused on Lung King Fung (Andrew Chan), a rich heir who “died” in a car accident just as Shu Yan was taking pictures nearby. Fung’s spirit was transferred into the camera; only the Hung family and certain others who touch the camera can see Fung.

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