Armed Reaction Korean Drama DVD Complete Tv Series - Original K-Drama DVD Set

Armed Reaction Korean Drama DVD Complete Tv Series - Original K-Drama DVD Set

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Armed Reaction

Korean Drama TV Series Complete Set with English Subtitles


* Subtitles: Chinese/ English

* Language Option 1: Korean

* Language Option 2: Cantonese

* Release Year: 2021

* Run Time: 1350 Mins

* No. of Episodes: 30

* No. of Discs: 6


* Director: Dave Fong

* Actor:  Jessica Hester Hsuan, Moses Chan, Joyce Tang

* Synopsis: Inspector Tai On-na (Jessica Hester Hsuan) has been happily carrying out her admin duties in managing files. Fate has brought On-na, seasoned armed lady cop Chan Sam-yuen (Joyce Tang) and SDU Prince Mung Hon-sam (Moses Chan) together. After some case is solved by the trio, On-na’s boss Wai Chin-chiu (Hui Shiu Hung) assigns On-na to Cold Case Special Investigation Unit. Under Hon-sam’s command, On-na and a contingent of police officers with “special characteristics” investigate cold cases that outsiders are not interested in. Hon-sam and On-na keep outwitting each other as Hon-sam is disappointed with On-na. Hon-sam eventually discovers On-na has gun phobia as she was once taken hostage, causing the two of them to fall in love. On-na again runs into Lau Tat-wah (Him Law), who used to be a tutorial student. However, Tat-wah, who had the misfortune of all his family members being killed, has become a gangster. Driven by emotions and guilt, is On-na capable of regaining her confidence, holding a gun in her hand again and becoming the new iconic “armed lady cop”?