Life After Death Chinese DVD  TV Series (NTSC) - Original K-Drama DVD Set

Life After Death Chinese DVD TV Series (NTSC) - Original K-Drama DVD Set

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Life After Death DVD

Product Information
Starring: (Frankie Lam) (Priscilla Wong), (Mark Ma),
Language:  Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Rated: PG13
Release Date: 04 August 2020
Disc format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Running Time: Approx. 45 mins per episode
Number of episodes: 25
Number of discs: 5 DVDs-9

Life After Death Synopsis

Rewind seven years and two families are ruined due to a serious traffic accident, causing destinies of Keung Yuk-shing (Frankie Lam) and Fong Lok-man (Priscilla Wong) to be rewritten. Fast-forward seven years and because of a traffic accident, Yuk-shing runs into Lok-man again. Life is still filled with ups and downs. Lok-man and her younger sister Fong Shu-man (Shiga Lin) do not get along like they used to as people close to them are leaving one after another. An eccentric doctor by the name of Koo Hei-san (Mark Ma) unexpectedly manages to get to the bottom of the problem. Lok-man is busily looking after her daughter Chu Hang-yee and stepson Chu Ka-bing (Zeno Koo). Yuk-shing, on the other hand, never understands the needs of his only daughter Keung Tsz-yau (Chloe So). Fate brings Tsz-yau and Ka-bing together. Their mutual friend Mok Yu-him (Kyle Li) comes across even more problems because of their relationship, which also causes the truth about a traffic accident that took place all those years ago to gradually surface. The chums even have to prepare for change again.