Don't Dare to Dream (PAL) Korean TV Series - Drama DVD (PAL)

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Don't Dare to Dream (PAL)

Format: PAL

Audio Option: Korean and Mandarin

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 08-24-2016

Runtime: 1440 Mins , Discs : 6, Episodes : 24

Director : Park Shin-woo

Actor : Kong Hyo Jin, Cho Jung Seok, Go Kyung-Pyo

Synopsis: The rookie weather anchor Biao Nali (played by Gong Hyojin) is always ostracized by her colleagues because of her NG problems, but with her straightforward personality and stubbornness, she is still striving towards her dream of being a prime-time news anchor! Senior reporter Li Huaxin (played by Zhao Zhengxi), with a clean appearance and trustworthy eloquence, is born to be a perfect man who wears a suit and looks on camera! Biao Nali secretly had a secret crush on Li Huaxin for three years, but Li Huaxin always told Biao Nali to go as far as possible until the appearance of Li Huaxin's best friend, Gao Zhengyuan (played by Gao Gengpyo), made Biao Nali, who had always been unrequited love, understand that she was being The taste of love! A man who escapes love, a woman who pursues love, and a man who is begging for a lover, the friendship between the three is being subtly fermented, and a brisk and romantic love romance is officially split.

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