King's Doctor Korean Drama DVD Complete Tv Series - Original K-Drama DVD Set

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Korean Drama DVD
 Complete TV Series with English Subtitles

* Subtitles: Chinese/ English
* Language Option 1: Korean
* Language Option 2: Mandarin
* Release Year: 2013
* Run Time: 2250 Mins
* No. of Episodes: 50
* No. of Discs: 12

* Director: Byoung-hoon Le
* Actor: Cho Seung-woo, Lee Yo-won

A drama which focuses on the life and trials faced by a horse doctor, Baek Gwang Hyun (acted by Cho Seung-woo) who raised to become a high ranking royal court doctor during the Choseon era as he faces off Lee Myung Hwan, a doctor who holds a high position in court.