Jang Ok Jung Korean Drama DVD Complete Tv Series - Original K-Drama DVD Set

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Jang Ok Jung
Korean Drama DVD
 Complete TV Series with English Subtitles

* Subtitles: Chinese/ English
* Language Option 1: Korean
* Language Option 2: Mandarin
* Release Year: 2013
* Run Time: 1440 Mins
* No. of Episodes: 24
* No. of Discs: 5

* Director: Boo Seong-cheol
* Actor: Kim Tae-hee,Yoo Ah-in,Hong Soo-hyeon
* Synopsis: This drama tells the story of Jang Ok-Jung (Kim Tae Hui), one of the most famous royal concubines in the Joseon Dynasty who was behind the deposition of King Sook Jong’s (Yoo A-In) wife, Queen In Hyun (Hong Soo Hyun). However, unlike the countless dramas and movies about this famous villain, this drama will tell the story of Jang Ok Jung before she became concubine Jang Hee Bin and focus on her role as a fashion designer and cosmetic maker in the Joseon era.