Accidental Couple Korean Drama DVD Complete Tv Series - Original K-Drama DVD Set

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Korean Drama TV Series Complete Set with English Subtitles


* Subtitles: Chinese/ English

* Language Option 1: Korean

* Language Option 2: Mandarin

* Release Year: 2009

* Run Time: 960 Mins

* No. of Episodes: 16

* No. of Discs: 4


* Director: Ki Min-soo

* Actor: Jung-min Hwang, Ah-jung Kim

* Synopsis: Top actress Han Ji-soo is in a car accident. The problem is that her secret boyfriend, who is the son of a famous politician, was driving the car. To cover up their relationship, Ji-soo lets her boyfriend escape the scene quickly and drags an innocent onlooker, Gu Dong-baek, into the car instead, asking him to pretend to have driven the car. The paparazzi arrive and take their photos. After this incident, Dong-baek, a post office employee, quickly draws public attention as the actress's new boyfriend. But one of the paparazzi photographers suspects that somebody else was driving the car when the accident occurred, and the man veiled in secrecy is her real boyfriend. To drive the persistent paparazzi away, Ji-soo asks Dong-baek to continue acting as her boyfriend. Dong-baek, an avid fan of Ji-soo, readily accepts her proposal and they agree to a six-month contract marriage. Before the contract period ends, however, the actress finds herself deeply attached to this humble man's pure love