Surgeon Bong Dal-hee (PAL) Korean TV Series - Drama DVD (PAL)

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Surgeon Bong Dal-hee (PAL)

Format: PAL

Audio Option: Korean and Mandarin


Genre: Drama

Release Date: 01-17-2007

Runtime: 1080 Mins, Discs : 4, Episodes : 18

Director : Kim Hyung-shik

Actor : Lee Yo Won, Lee Bum Soo, Kim Min Joon

Synopsis: The power struggle of "The White Tower", the deep affection and love of life in the medical world, through the process of a newborn rookie female doctor striving for the top, in-depth analysis of human nature and a thorough perspective of desire, South Korea's 2007 ratings and word-of-mouth are both touching dramas! With the hospital as the background, it depicts the stumbled growth process and love story of the surgical residents. Bong Da-hee (played by Li Yao-won) aspires to become a doctor because of his frail and sickly childhood. But because he had heart surgery in his first year as an intern, he had to give up his internship and return to the clinic in his hometown as a health checkup doctor. One day, a resident was injured and had difficulty breathing. Daxi was completely helpless. At this time, Dr. An Zhonggen (played by Li Fanxiu), who happened to be here to work, appeared and rescued the person with superb medical skills, but he did not stay. Leave your name. Therefore, Da-hee made up her mind to lie to her mother to travel to London, but in fact went to a Korean hospital in Seoul to become a resident doctor. In order to pass the internship, Da-hee worked harder than anyone else, but despite this, she was constantly scolded and ridiculed by the attending thoracic surgeon, Ahn Joong-geun, who was extremely serious about her work.

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