Little Women Korean TV Series - Drama DVD (NTSC)

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Little Women

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Korean

Subtitle Option: English/Chinese

Genre: Action

Release Date: 10-09-2022

Runtime: 900 Mins, Discs : 3, Episodes : 12

Director : Jung Seo Kyung

Actor : Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hoo, Wi Ha Joon

Synopsis: About three sisters with a close bond who grew up in poverty. It is the exciting story of the sisters as they get embroiled in a major incident and face off against the wealthiest family in the nation. The eldest sister Oh In Joo wants to protect her family with money. The second sister Oh In Kyung is a news reporter who does not want to bow down to money and aims to always do what’s right. Oh In Hye, the youngest, is overwhelmed by the love of her older sisters who work hard for her.

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