HYENA Korean Drama DVD - TV Series (NTSC)

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* HYENA Korean Drama DVD - TV Series with English Subtitles (NTSC)* Subtitles: Chinese/ English * Language Option 1: Korean * Language Option 2: - * Release Year: 2020 * Run Time: 560 Mins * No. of Episodes: 16 * No. of Disc: 5 * Director: Jang Tae-Yoo * Actors: Kim Hye-Soo, Ju Ji-Hoon * Synopsis: Yoon Hee-Jae and Jung Geum-Ja are lawyers who work for the top 1% in society. Jung Geum-Ja is a lawyer, who is after money only. She wins her cases using any means necessary. Yoon Hee-Jae is an elite lawyer, who is smart and confident at his job.