Gokusen 2 Japanese TV Series - Drama DVD (NTSC)

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Gokusen 2

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Japanese

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 01-15-2005

Runtime: 540 Mins, Discs : 3, Episodes : 10

Director : Taro Otani

Actor : Yukie Nakama , Katsuhisa Namase , Mikihisa Azuma

Synopsis: A few years passed since Yamaguchi left Shirokin Gakuen which closed after some time. Everything has been difficult for Yankumi the following years for her new students are little kids that doesn't suit her way of teaching. Change is on the horizon when a bad hair day came but with a little twist became okay. Mr. Sawatari Goro, Shirokin's vice Principal is in need of teacher in the school he is teaching. But not just ordinary teacher... he specifically need Yankumi! The school is Kurogin Gakuen. When she arrived in the school she was really happy till she knew that she is to handle another bunch of 3-D but this time meaner and more violent! As usual, she has to hide her background or else she'll lose her job. She does her best to be nice to every student but it seemed that it'll be harder for the students are worst than the word worst. How will she face them? Is it a new challenge?

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