THE FEARLESS DUO Chinese Drama DVD Complete TV Series

THE FEARLESS DUO Chinese Drama DVD Complete TV Series

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Chinese Drama TV Series Complete Set with English Subtitles


* Subtitles: Chinese/ English

* Language Option 1: Chinese

* Language Option 2: Cantonese/ Mandarin

* Release Year: 2020

* Run Time: 900 Mins

* No. of Episodes: 20

* No. of Discs: 5


* Director: Fung Kwok

* Actor: Michael Miu, Barbara Yung, Lau Dan

* Synopsis: Master CHEUNG (Lau Tan) gets injured after fighting with the cult leader SUEN CI (Shek Kin). He runs away and meets his future apprentice SZETO MAN MO (Miu Kiu Wai) as well as the government official’s daughter LAM CHOR YIN (Yung Mei Ling). MO is engaged to YIN but he is not devoted to her at all. Even though YIN loves him whole-heartedly, MO desert her on their wedding day. Soon after, MO falls into an actress FA YING FUNG (Chiang Lai Ping) by knowing nothing of her veil of deceit. After being hurt seriously by FUNG, MO realizes that YIN is his true love and he returns to her eventually. Unfortunately. YIN’s spirit is captured by CI on their wedding night. In order to rescue his wife, Mo starts practicing black magic but this leads to disastrous outcomes