War of Faith Chinese TV Series - Drama DVD With English subtitles

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War of Faith Chinese Drama DVD With English subtitles

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Action

Release Date: 2024

Runtime: 1710 Mins, Discs : 7, Episodes : 38

Director : Yao Xiao Feng

Actor : Yibo Wang, Wayne Wang, Lan Xiya

Synopsis: Set in 1930s Shanghai, Wei Ruo Lai, an ordinary employee at the Kuomintang Central Bank, rises through the ranks due to his exceptional abilities, catching the attention of the senior advisor Shen Tu Nan. However, as he confronts the corruption within the Kuomintang's financial relam, his path diverges from Shen Tu Nan's. A chance encounter with Shen Jin Zhen leads him to make different choices. Transferred to Jiangxi as part of the Party's plan, Wei Ruo Lai becomes a key player in the non-military battle to break the Kuomintang's economic blockade on the Central Soviet Area. This unfolds his journey of evolving from a Kuomintang insider to a formidable red financier under the unwavering leadership of the Communist Party.

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