My Heroic Husband Mandarin Movie - Film DVD (NTSC)

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My Heroic Husband

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 02-14-2021

Runtime: 1620 Mins, Discs : 9, Episodes : 36

Director : Deng Ke

Actor : Ruoyun Zhang, Yi Song, Shuguang Gao

Synopsis: A modern Chinese entrepreneur, betrayed and beaten by a business partner, wakes up in the past as Ning Yi. Engaged to a successful cloth merchant's family, he must adapt to matrilocal marriage. Initially hesitant, he's swayed by his charming fiancée Su Tan Er and they marry. Facing consequences, he combats rival businesses and dangerous bandits using his business skills and modern knowledge. Driven by affection for Su Tan Er, he resolves to protect his new family and nation. Adapted from Fen Nu de Xiang Jiao's novel, "My Heroic Husband" (2021) was directed by Deng Ke.

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