A Mermaid in Paris Thailand Movie - Film (NTSC-Region 3)

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A Mermaid in Paris

Format: NTSC-Region 3

Audio Option: Thai, French

Subtitle Option: Thai

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy

Release Date: 09-01-2021

Runtime: 102 Mins , Discs : 1

Director : Mathias Malzieu 

Actor : Nicolas Duvauchelle, Marilyn Lima, Romane Bohringer

Synopsis: Gaspard, a man who has gone through breakups, believes he has no more love to give. One day, he crosses paths with an injured mermaid, Lula, by the Seine in Paris and takes her home to heal in his bathtub, but learns that any man who falls in love with her dies. Initially immune to her endearing charm, Gaspard slowly falls in love with Lula, who also truly falls for him.

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