Fallen Angels Thai Movie - Film (NTSC-Region 3)

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Fallen Angels

Format: NTSC-Region 3

Audio Option: Thai and Chinese

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 08-18-2021

Runtime: 96 Mins , Discs : 1

Director : Wong Ga Wai

Actor : Takeshi Kaneshiro, Li Ming, Li Jiacin

Synopsis: Loneliness and love are just thin lines apart, says Fallen Angels, the film that featured the most visual work of "Wong Gawai," shot with a wide lens throughout the story. Starring Li Ming and Takeshi Kaneshiro Hong Kong at night Even the shooter can't resist loneliness. When "The Young Assassin" Madding works on the orders of a "mysterious girl" he has never met before. The longer their hearts bond, the more they become happy and troubled, because with a profession like this, if they are not careful, the heart can cause chaos. Not far from that incident, "Dumb Boy". The snud-in owner of the restaurant fell in love. "Blonde Girl" A colorful, unforgettable ex-girlfriend, and no matter what you do, He can't replace her ex-lover in her heart. Will he continue to hold on to that love, or will he give up and walk away? The directing work of "Wong Gawai" tells the story of loneliness. The love and isolation of outlaws ranging from "a charming, lonely, lonely assassin" (Li Ming), "the partner of the assassin who hired the order to kill" (Li Jiazin) and "a broken dumb boy who likes to tamper with other shops and houses" (Takeshi Canechiro). All three characters are circling the lonely world. the park to meet As if it were just a "stranger."

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