2046 Thai Movie - Film DVD (NTSC-Region 3)

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Format: NTSC-Region 3

Audio Option: Thai and Chinese

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 08-18-2021

Runtime: 129 Mins , Discs : 1

Director : Wong Guo

Actor : Liang Chao wei, Zhang Mangwei, Gong Li

Synopsis: The 1966 film "2046" tells the story of "Zhou Muwan" (Liang Chaowei). A young Playboy writer from Hong Kong comes to Singapore because of his "former lover" (Zhang Curtainawi), and here he is rejected for love from "Xu Shoulderjen" (Gong Li). A young gambler with the same name as his former lover. So he decided to leave Singapore to return to Hong Kong alone. He meets "Lu Luo" (Liu Jieling) by chance. Zhou Pallu returns to Oriental Hotel Room 2046 Lulu tells the story of his love affair with a "lover" (Zhang Zhen) before mysteriously disappearing. Kimura) who meets a "young robot employee" (Faye Wong) on the train. While writing the novel, Zhou fell in love. "Stranger Girl" (Zhang Zhiyi), who moves in in a new room in 2046 from a room that brings lonely characters together and loves each other. This 2046 room will make people fall in love. Open doors and invite people to a greater world. More cracked and more lonely than ever.

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