Chungking Express Thai Movie - Film (NTSC-Region 3)

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Chungking Express

Format: NTSC-Region 3

Audio Option: Thai and Chinese


Genre: Drama

Release Date: 08-18-2021

Runtime: 102 Mins , Discs : 1

Director : Wong Wow

Actor : Takeshi Kaneshiro, Liang Chaowei, Wang Fei Lin Ching

Synopsis: Because love has an expiration date, not everyone will accept it when the day comes, "Chungking Express" will take viewers to meet two police officers ,"223" (Takeshi Canechiro). Young police suspect that the world has nothing that never expires, because April 1 (falls on April Fulls Day) is "May." From that day on, he bought a canned pineapple, which was her favorite, to collect every day until she returned, or until there were no canned pineapples that expired on May 1, which coincided with his birthday, to buy another "663" (Liang Chaowei). Another young cop buys salad for his girlfriend who is an air hostess skin every day from a fast food restaurant, "Afei" (Faye Wong). The sister of fast food shop owner fell in love with him. Every time she works, she'll play "California Dreamin" loudly. When 663 came to buy salad, she would circle nearby later when his girlfriend left him, 663, sadly, so she invited 663 to California together, but he didn't answer anything. She sneaked to his house at 663, checked her out, cleaned her, changed the aquarium water, until she turned the doll on her sleeping head until one day 663 caught it. So he set up Afei on a date on a lonely night. Both cops were unaware that "old love expired" could be the "beginning of a new romance" that came untimely.

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