EXORCIST'S 2ND METER Chinese Drama DVD - TV Series (NTSC)

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Chinese Drama DVD - TV Series with English Subtitles

* Subtitles: Chinese/ English
* Language Option 1: Chinese
* Language Option 2: Cantonese/ Mandarin
* Release Year: 2020
* Run Time: 1050 Mins
* No. of Episodes: 25
* No. of Disc: 5

* Director: Dave Fong Chun-chiu
* Actors: Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Hubert Wu

* Synopsis: Taxi driver Ma Kwai (Kenneth Ma) goes down the road to exorcism as he is destined to perpetuate the legacy of genie Shek Kam-dong. He is also reunited with the mature soul of his buddy Mok Wai-ho (Hubert Wu). He even encounters Sze Lo-sze and his younger sister Sze Loi-sze (Gloria Tang), who are both exorcists. However, some demonic curse has caused Ma Kwai to keep thinking of a doctor by the name of Chong Tsz-yeuk (Mandy Wong). Tsz-yeuk then hooks up with genie Wind Lion god (C Kwan), eventually reviving certain memory of limbo in her subconscious. Pui Pui-na (Moon Lau) has died because of Ma Kwai. She then transforms into a phantom to keep him company. But Pui-na just cannot leave everything behind as she is too sentimental about the mortal realm. A child abuse case triggers off the comeback of demonic power. Wai-ho has actually been controlled by mysterious demonic power. Ma Kwai is shocked to learn the underlying truth. He is forced to face the painful dilemma of friendship or exorcism