The King's Woman Mandarin TV Series - Mandarin - Chinese Drama DVD -English Subtitles(NTSC)

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The King's Woman

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English and Chinese

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 07-15-2023

Runtime: 2160 Mins, Discs : 9, Episodes : 48

Director : Liu Xin, Hsiu Lan Hu, Hu Yi Juan

Actor : Dilraba Dilmurat, Vin Zhang, Li Tai, Liu Chang, Zhang Xuan


The King's Woman" is a Chinese historical romance drama revolving around Ying Zheng, the ambitious King of Qin, and Gong Sun Li, a vengeful strategist from the rival state of Yan. Their complex relationship unfolds against a backdrop of political turmoil as Ying Zheng aims to unify China. Gong Sun Li's thirst for revenge clashes with her growing feelings for Ying Zheng, resulting in a story of love, power, and conflicting loyalties set in a tumultuous era.