The Autumn Ballad Korean TV Series - Drama DVD (NTSC)

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The Autumn Ballad

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Korean and Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English and Chinese

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 07-15-1905

Runtime: 1530 Mins, Discs : 4, Episodes : 34

Director : Ding Ying Zhou

Actor : Kabby Hui, Ruilin Liu, Yashu Ma

Synopsis: In "The Autumn Ballad," Qiu Yan, overlooked and mistreated due to her status, faces a failed arranged marriage that tarnishes her name. Determined to clear herself, she investigates alongside Duke Liang Yi. Their unlikely friendship grows as they unravel the truth, but when her family faces a dire accusation, they must join forces again to avert disgrace. Amidst the crisis, sparks fly, turning their collaboration into a blossoming romance in this 2022 Chinese drama directed by Ding Ying Zhou.

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