My Uncanny Destiny Mandarin TV Series Drama DVD with English & Chinese Subtitles

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My Uncanny Destiny

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English and Chinese

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 07-15-2023

Runtime: 720 Mins, Discs : 4, Episodes : 24

Director : Zeng Huang Bin

Actor : Zhang Yue Nan, Yan Zi Xian, Yu Xuan Chen

Synopsis: Across generations, the rival cities of Mu Xi and Xuanyue have engaged in ceaseless conflict, each vying for dominance over the other's domain. Hidden behind the curtains of this ongoing feud lies the story of the former ruler of Mu Xi, blessed with a solitary daughter named Ye Zhaonan. In a clandestine move, her gender was veiled from public knowledge, destined to be revealed when the time was ripe for her to ascend. Thus, from her earliest days, Zhaonan donned the guise of a young boy, her true nature known only to a select few. Yet, the wheels of fate took an unexpected spin when Zhaonan's path collided with that of Liu Xuanming, the eminent leader presiding over Xuanyue City. A single misstep led Zhaonan to a fateful encounter as she plummeted from a cliff's edge, intertwining her destiny with Xuanming's in an unforeseen manner. This singular event heralded the commencement of a remarkable saga, where the bonds of rivalry and gendered pretense would become enmeshed with the threads of a profound and magical tale.

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