Unchained Love Mandarin Movie - Film DVD (NTSC)

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Unchained Love

Format: NTSC

Audio Option: Mandarin

Subtitle Option: English

Genre: Romance

Release Date: 12-27-2022

Runtime: 1620 Mins, Discs : 6, Episodes : 36

Director : Wu Qiang

Actor : Dylan Wang, Chen Yuqi, Peter Ho, Zeng Li

Synopsis: Six years past, Xiao Duo (Dylan Wang) swore vengeance for his brother's murder, rising to lead the Zhao Ding Division and becoming the Emperor's right hand. In pursuit of retribution, he allies with Fu Wang (Peter Ho), allowing Fu Wang a temporary throne despite an ambitious Empress's scheming. Bu Yun Lou (Chen Yu Qi), spared from death, is entrusted to Xiao Duo by Fu Wang. Seizing an opportunity, Xiao Duo plans to manipulate Bu Yun Lou for his revenge, yet unexpected emotions surface as he finds himself drawn to her. Can love truly overpower his quest for vengeance in the 2022 Chinese drama "Unchained Love," directed by Wu Qiang?

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